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12d International Innovation Awards 2016

12d International Innovation Awards 2016 - Winning Entries

Name: David Mares
Company: Lend Lease Bouygues Joint Venture
Name of Project: NorthConnex
Innovation Entries: Survey, Customisation, 12d Synergy & Overview

Name: Joshua Allison, Michael Bozikis and Arvind Chovatia
Company: SMEC Australia
Names of Projects: Drainage Control/Sewer Control/12d Synergy Environment Setup
Innovation Entries: 12d Synergy, Drainage & Sewer

Design & Visualisation
Name: Aidan Bickhoff
Company: Sunshine Coast Council
Name of Project: LGIP - SIDRA-12D Bridge
Innovation Entry: Entry

Drainage, Sewer & Utilities
Name: Mal Peaker
Company: Engineering Solutions QLD
Name of Project: Water Main Designs
Innovation Entry: Entry

Survey & Construction
Name: David Greaves
Company: Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
Name of Project: TMR 12d Model Customisation
Innovation Entry: Entry

Name: Niall Brady
Company: Arup Cardno Joint Venture
Name of Project: Woolgoolga to Ballina Upgrade - Portion C
Innovation Entry: Entry

12d Synergy
Name: David Healy & Phillip Stoddart
Company: J. Wyndham Prince
Name of Project: Dashboard Customisation
Innovation Entry: Entry

AND due to the quality of this entry, a bonus category was added during judging!

'Banishing the Drafting Demon'
Name: Duncan Whiteley
Company: Pulver Cooper and Blackley
Name of Project: Automated Engineering Plans - Quality Management
Innovation Entry: Entry

Name: Kelvin Jenkins
Company: Wood & Grieve Engineers
Name of Project: Generic Sewer Reticulation Designs
Innovation Entry: Entry